Deloro Stellite is the leader in wear resistant technology. They are the founders of the alloy Stellite which is also their registered trademark. This has become more of a phrase than an organizational name.

They are in the business of manufacturing cobalt and nickel based wear resistant alloys which are used in industries as diverse as medical and petrochemical.

Deloro Stellite is also in the business of manufacturing PTA Machines under the brand name Hettiger Stellite which is considered the benchmark of hardfacing machines.

Automotive is a very important sector for Deloro Stellite and hence Engine valve manufacturing units are very important stakeholders for Deloro Stellite.

Aside from manufacturing consumables such as Stellite rods, Stellite electrodes, Stellite wire and Stellite powder, they also manufacture Stellite components which are basically ?as cast Stellite?.

Galvanizing lines require bushes which are able to perform under extremely high temperatures; this is where Stellite bushes have shown exemplary performance.

Deloro Stellite® also manufacture Cobalt and Nickel based ingots for the Dental laboratories, this is done under the brand name Denertia®. Deloro Stellite® has certifications from various authorities across the globe making their product a world class product.

The Deloro Stellite unit in Italy specializes in Investment castings for Turbine blades having supplied to companies such as GE and Siemens and their licensees across the world.

Deloro Stellite has been a partner of Virgo for over 30 years now and today Deloro Stellite through Virgo has sales of over US$ 5 Million in India.

Deloro Stellite is now present in India as a JV of the Deloro Stellite Group and the Virgo Group. The plant is located in Manesar, Haryana and production started in the last quarter of 2008.

The group as a whole has 13 manufacturing units across the globe with an annual sales turnover of US $300 Million.

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