Kobe Steel's steel castings and forgings have earned an outstanding reputation in international markets. In addition to marine crankshafts and propeller shafts, Kobe supplies rotor shafts and turbine blades to the power generation industry and manufactures a wide range of forged rolls for the Steel industry.


Kobe and Virgo have been jointly working for the Power Generation Industry for the last two decades; recently both have also started working jointly for the Steel industry. The co-operation between both the companies has led to success in the steel industry in a very short time.


Kobe Steel Forgings are produced at the Takasago works of Kobe Steel in Japan. Some basic details of the location are given below.

Location Takasago, Hyogo
Site Area 1,444,200 m2
Employees 1,709
Equipment Electric arc furnace (15,000 metric tons/ month)
Products Cast and forged steel products, including marine parts and electrical machinery parts, titanium products

To know more about Kobe Steel please visit www.kobelco.co.jp

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